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The community of Claymont, Delaware is on the brink of major community and economic development. Recognizing our area has unique regional development potential, the Claymont Renaissance Development Corporation (CRDC) has been working to plan, promote and guide revitalization of Claymont's commercial districts and to assist in strengthening our neighborhoods.

The strategic location of our community along interstate I-95, 9 miles from Philadelphia International Airport, and just 30 minutes from Center City Philadelphia makes Claymont the ideal community for developers, businesses, and home buyers.

Embracing a rich heritage of history and culture, Claymont prides itself on the small-town feel of its main street and neighboring areas. Claymont has been able to preserve its foundation of a tight-knit community offering a truly unique asset to the region.

Explore the Claymont Renaissance Development Corporation Website and see all that's is in store for Claymont, a Delaware cornerstone community.